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Travel Photography

At Christmas time, 2010, I received the best gift.   I was sitting in my old bedroom at my mother’s house, and V was beside me, her hands outstretched.  And there it was.  A camera.  My camera.  A Canon Rebel X5.  V didn’t only give me a hunk of plastic with buttons and glass lenses.  She gave me the ability to make art.  She made it possible to record the passing momentary smears of life.  And I cried as she held me, overwhelmed by her goodness and the meaning that a mere object can hold.

Since then, I have seen.  I have taken this camera of mine to domestic cities like Washington DC, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Boston.  I have cradled it while flying over the ocean, and adjusted shutter speeds in Iceland, France, Italy, Germany, Serbia, the UAE, Jordan, South Africa, Israel.   And until now, I have mainly kept the photos to myself.  But the internet is a wonderful tool with which to share such snapshots, and as such, this travel gallery of photographs is born.

What is a photograph?  A destroyer of the passing of time? A lie, an idealized instant that barely existed?  A tiny mono-perspective frozen and view-able?  The physical sign of a person consuming a moment instead of experiencing it, behind a machine, distanced and alone?

You decide.

All photographs in this section were taken by me, Luca Winer, on a Canon Rebel XS.  Due to space limitations, this photograph section is relatively static, I am afraid.

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