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Ten Best Loved Posts of 2011

With one solid year of blogging under my belt, 2011 was a great year for ThoughtsfromtheMiddleSeat!  To commemorate this auspicious occasion, below are the ten best loved posts according to readers in 2011.

Without further ado….

10.  Let’s Talk About Rape – A Facebook conversation gets ugly, and leaves me wondering: how do we talk about rape in modern day society?

9.  Work Hard, Play Hard? Doing the Math – How America’s work-life balance encourages the clubbing mentality, through working its young employees harder than in previous decades.

8.  Can Men and Women Be Friends? Interviews of various men and women in their twenties, asking them the popular When Harry Met Sally question: can men and women be friends, really?

7.  And You Think Dating is Hard for You: Male Adult Initiation Rituals in South Africa – Circumcision and coming of age practices in Xhosa culture in South Africa.

6.  Happiness as a Sine Curve: Quantifying the Qualitative Life – Quantifying happiness with adorable graphs.  The diminishing returns of kisses.

5.  Why the War on Drugs Weakens America – All about why the war on drugs is one of the worst US policies ever, and how it damages not only our perceptions of drugs and our government, but also damages the efficiency and appropriateness of the prison system.

4.  How I Discovered Liberal White Elitism / Tips and Tricks from One Unemployed Girl – How liberals can be hypocritical, and an analysis of the unemployment crisis of 2008.  Plus, tips on how to survive being unemployed and the stigma associated with it.

3. And Audrey Was Her Stripper Name-O – An interview and thoughts of a Washington DC stripper from Camelot.  She likes her work.  Part 2 of the sex work series. 

2. Explaining Thanatos (The Death Drive) – Explaining how everyone has a little bit of death instinct in them, and a survey of 20-somethings on their interpretations of their own dark urges.

And the number one favorite post of 2011 is:

1.  Just Like a Gypsy – America’s uneasy conceptions of gypsies being beautiful and clever vs conniving and poor.  Anecdotes of gypsy encounters in Europe.


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