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About the Author


Luca is currently an attorney, but when she is not lawyering, she writes. Luca’s non-academic written work includes this blog (including the photos), a play, journal articles and works of fiction.  She is currently working on her second play.  In the past several years, Luca has lived in Chicago, Washington DC, Amman, London, Ann Arbor and back to D.C.

Please feel free to contact her with requests for freelance journalism, photo rights, or any general inquiries.

Selected legal articles:

Online articles on Spratly Islands and on Sexual Violence Against Women (Analysis of CEDAW application in Israel) with the Michigan Journal of International Law.

Law360 article on And Up to Twenty Years – The Criminalization of US Customs Violations.

Selected financial articles:

Rwandan Investment Opportunities with Global Risk Insights.


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