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Young Love… Nerd Style

April 16, 2013

What follows is an actual conversation that occurred.  Seriously.  Enjoy the sweetness of nerd romance.  

Taken in Loudoun County, VA, USA at a tiny, awesome coffee shop.

Trivia cards: useless knowledge that you somehow, nevertheless, feel great when you guess right.

Boy:  When mom saw my neck she said, “You are so bruised up, you look like you’ve been to war.”

Girl:  Tell her you have been to war! Say it was intense and that you don’t like to talk about it.  You know, PTSD and all.

Boy:  I’ve seen things no other man was ever meant to see…

Girl:  Exactly.  Then make sure to twitch slightly.

Boy:  You are so very traumatic, after all.  So if I get flashbacks, it is not naughty, just my PTSD flaring up again…

Girl:  Hmmm.  That is a good loophole.

Boy:  So…. Want to reenact some battles?

Girl:  Yes.  Gettysburg or bust!

Boy:  I could storm your beaches?

Girl:  That’s D-Day, dear.  Wrong war, wrong century.  The history major in me cringes.

Boy:  Pardon, m’lady.  I will think of some more historically accurate sexual innuendos for you.

Girl:  Thank you, kind sir.  I’m thinking that alliterative pirates pillaging is in order, too.

Boy:  I will brush up on my Viking lore as well, then.

Girl:  Mmhm… Samurai and geisha…Butler and lady of the house… Holmes and Watson…

Boy : Which one of us is Holmes?

Girl:  I am, of course.  I’m the butler and the samurai, too.

Boy:  …I feel so used.

And scene.

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